Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lula Lake

Eric and I and our neighbors went up to Lula Lake yesterday. We have been there before but our neighbors haven't. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful since Fall has definitely arrived. We took the dogs up there so they could swim and walk around enjoying the different smells. On our way up the mountain, we discovered that Sadie gets car sick. That wasn't a pleasant experience and we weren't ready for it at all. I will leave out the details but all I can say is that it was nasty. On the way up and down she got sick. YUCK!!!! Anyway. We got to the lake and the dogs got to enjoy the water for a little bit. The pictures I took aren't great because I was standing on a slippery rock and almost went in myself. I tried to take the pictures as good and quickly as I could. Tucker had already been in and out by the time I got to the water so I only have pictures of Sadie. My friend that went with us did get a few on her camera. We had a great time and the dogs were exausted when we got home. That always makes me happy!