Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Our Crazy Pets

So, everyone knows that Abigail and Tucker don't really get along. Tucker thinks Abbey is a toy and Abbey thinks Tucker is a big goofy beast. We still have to yell at Tucker to leave the cat alone and they have been living together for almost a year.
He has short-term memory apparently. It seems that every couple minutes his expression on his face says WOW, A CAT! He stalks and stares at her constantly and yet seems confused if he gets too close. If he tries to go upstairs and she’s sitting pretty at the top, he stops dead in his tracks and has no clue what to do. Abbey just waits and looks at him like he's stupid. I believe there's some kind of communicating going on between the two of them. It's like an old western movie when there's a duel and each of them are waiting for the other to make the first move. We watch with anticipation and then BANG, she's popped him! She gets a couple good whacks at his face and when it's over, he has no idea what has happened. Poor Tucker. He just doesn't know any better and he will never learn.
Abbey rules the roost around here. There’s no doubt about that. Maybe one day he will realize that he is nothing in her world. Once he knows that, they will surly get along or then again, maybe not.
Either way, we do love them both even if they are little wierd!
They definitely keep us entertained.