Monday, April 23, 2007

Art Festival

We have family in town visiting this week and yesterday we went to an art festival. Great food, art and beer! I have never seen a truck with keg taps on the side. Apparently, this truck goes downtown every weekend for an event called Night Fall. I think Eric and I are gonna have to get down there sometime.

The boys got their faces painted. Jason on the left got a King Cobra and Joshua got a snake. They had a great time!

So, my mother-in-law, Clenna has a Golden Retriever and as we were all walking around checking things out they spot 2 golden puppies that a girl was carrying. The girl found them in a parking lot and was trying to find a home for them. Clenna quickly volunteered herself and her daughter Tia to take the puupies in. The girl said that she may have someone else that wants them but if not, she would contact Clenna and let her know that she can take them. They are so cute! We think the puppies are about 4-6weeks old. Absolutely adorable!!! Clenna is anxiously waiting for a phone call!