Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sadie & Tucker's Favorite Toy

We discovered that Sadie really likes squeaky toys. So far we have found one that she can't destroy. It's an oversized tennis ball with a squeak inside. She absolutely loves it. Unfortunately for her, Tucker likes anything that she thinks is fun. He was constantly taking it from her and the funny thing is, he hates squeaky toys. So, we had to go buy more tennis balls so they could both be happy. If we try to give them regular tennis balls, they're no good. They know the difference.
They take these toys with them everywhere and Sadie is always losing hers under the couch. It's funny to see her try to get under there to get the ball. If they both have a ball and Sadie drops hers, Tucker runs over, leaves his and steals hers. It's crazy! I am constantly finding Tucker with both of them and then I have to take one away and give it to Sadie. He's quite stingy when it comes to these toys. I'm the referee and I have to make sure sure they have their silly toys. As long as they're happy, I'm happy.