Friday, November 16, 2007

Red Coat

I was out shopping about 2 weeks ago at a consignment shop here in Chattanooga. I never would have found this place if I hadn't gone with my mother-in-law who shops consignement all the time. I have found that I would rather shop consignment than other retail stores. They have great name brand clothes for great prices.
Anyway. This one that I go to about once a month (Encore) has really nice clothes and sometimes I find something that I have to have. Well, this one time I go in there and I find a couple of nice sweaters and right before I check out, I look in the coat section to see if there's anything cute. I come across a red wool coat that reminded me of my grandma. I couldn't believe it! It's a short red coat but it is the same color. I had to have it!!! It was just one of those things. I would have regretted walking out there without it. I was so excited!
So, here's a picture of MY red coat and the coat that inspired me to get it!


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