Sunday, December 2, 2007

Silly Story

Last night, Eric and I went over to the mall here in Noogan Town. As we got off the interstate and turned onto a busy street that surrounds the mall, there was a car dead in the middle of the road. Not an ideal spot to be stuck. We went around the car and turned around to see if they needed any help. Eric pulls up behind them and turns on his hazards. He gets out, walks up to the car and the driver opens the door. Eric asks, "Hey man, do you need a push?" Only the driver was not a man. It was a woman that had similar features of a man (and a mullet). Another car stops and a man and his son get out and all three push the car into a parking lot. Eric was glad to help and to have two other people push the car. It's not easy to push a car in general but to push it up a small hill while the driver has the BRAKES ON makes it a little more difficult. Eric gets into the truck and we drive off and that's when he tells me what he first said to the driver. He felt so bad that he said "hey man" to a woman. I told him not worry about it. I'm sure it happens often up here.
Later that night, he would randomly say "hey man, do you need a push?" and we both just laughed.