Friday, March 14, 2008

More Baby Stuff

Well, my trip to Pensacola was well worth the trip. The big sale that my mom and I went to was not what we expected. There was alot of stuff but the prices weren't real good and we even found that some used things are better off not buying. We found a Sealy mattress for $20 and as we were making sure it was in good shape, we found dried puke in the seams. Nasty! Plus, the lines to check out were really long. I'm glad that we went to see what was there but it just didn't work out. I did come back with a baby tub that my friend gave me, a swing, bouncer and the cradle that we're going to use in our room once the baby gets here. I was also able to get some cute maternity clothes especially since Spring is right around the corner. I should have enough to last me unless I really get huge.

I'm going to get a few belly pics soon. My belly is starting to grow a little but I'm still not real big (thank goodness). I have to wait until Eric gets back into town on Sunday so he can take the pictures. Then, I will eventually get more as time goes by so we can see the progress.