Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Graduated!

Well, I guess we're officially ready for labor and delivery since we received a certificate from our last lamaze class tonight. However, I don't think we really are ready just because we got a certificate. We now know the basics but I don't know how anyone is fully prepared for what is to come. Good grief!
I have started swelling up like a blowfish. It's pretty uncomfortable. I have some swelling in my hands but mainly in my feet. I feel like I have aged significantly as I hobble around the house with my swollen, sore feet and I go to bathroom like it's my job. It's crazy! I try to drink more water hoping that will help but it just makes me have to go to the bathroom even more. I'm probably over exaggerating a bit but it's such a strange feeling. I'm not miserable. It's just something I'm having to adjust to at the moment.
The baby is kicking and moving more these days. I found out the hard way the other night that eating ice cream before going to bed is a bad idea. It was like crack for the baby. I couldn't go to sleep because the baby was kicking me like I was a soccer ball. I couldn't believe it! I'm not doing that again.
The baby's room is still a project. However, Eric got alot done in there this past weekend. Soon it should be done and we can move onto other projects. I'm just looking forward to everything being finished and not having to worry about anything last minute. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
My last doctor's appointment went well. No gestational diabetes. That test wasn't that much fun. I had to drink a really sweet, flat orange drink that as I got to the end was hard to get down. Right after I drank it I felt a rush of energy. Not long after that I crashed and burned. I couldn't believe how poopy I felt. I'm glad that's over with. I have another appointment this Friday for just a regular check up. I have started going to the doctor every two weeks. In the next couple weeks, I should have another ultrasound. It will be our last one before we really get to see the baby. Crazy! It's going way too fast. Only 12 more weeks to go!