Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Little Munchkin LIVE!

this is a little wonky because the camera was on the wrong setting, but here is our little Evan live and in color!


Lynn and Nick said...

Thank goodness you finally posted about Evan! You have been leaving us in suspense with his name, weight, etc. He is absolutely adorable and so snuggly! I bet you never want to put him down. Congratulations!

Lynn and Nick

Reba said...

More! Give us more! What a gorgeous little guy!

Kim said...

OMG... He looks just like your brother, Danny, to me! Congratulations! He's quite a cutie. It sounds like you had a good birth experience and you certainly had an adorable outcome. I read the blog entries to my mom since her computer isn't up yet and she sends her congrats, too. Enjoy him!

Kim Knight
Austin, TX