Monday, July 20, 2009

Evan Update

Evan has been walking everywhere! He is exploring all over the house and he is so proud of himself. It felt weird coming home from our trip and having him walking around. It seemed as though we left with a baby and brought home a toddler! Crazy! We are now getting ready to pack away the walker and the exersaucer. :(  I can't believe it! He has been trying to chase the cat but is not quite quick on his feet. He wants to run but when he tries to get his feet going, he falls. It's so funny to see him, as small as he is, walking all over. 

We started him on whole milk yesterday. At first we decided to mix it with formula but he wasn't happy about that. Next, we just gave him the milk by itself and he drank it. He likes it! So, now I'm just trying to gradually get him off the bottle and so far he's down to just 3 bottles a day. That's pretty good considering it took awhile to get him on a sippy cup. He is doing great with his sippy so I don't have to pack a bottle with me when I have to go out. Nice! 

He still has only 4 teeth but is working on more. I hate the whole teething process. I wish they would hurry up and pop through. It is taking so long for the other teeth to come in. In the meantime, I have been trying to take care of the ones he has by brushing them. I have been pretty inconsistent but at least he doesn't mind the brushing. However, the other night Evan was in the tub so I got the toothbrush, wet it, and started brushing his teeth. His mouth got foamy and I didn't know why. (I don't use toothpaste.) I tasted it and there was soap on it! I basically washed his mouth out with soap! Somehow in our travels, the bathwash I had leaked and got on the toothbrush. I felt so bad but the funny part is that he didn't seem to mind. It was definitely yucky!

I have more pictures from our trip that I will eventually post. I have been busy unpacking and tidying up the house. I can only do so much while the little man is sleeping. I will get them up soon and keep you posted on Evan's progress!