Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exit Signs are Fascinating!

There seems to be something new that Evan becomes fascinated with that makes me say "hmmm, that's weird." He has been interested in trucks...all kinds of trucks and mainly anything with wheels. The lawn mower gets him excited and now he has one of his own. He points up to the sky when he hears an airplane and yesterday he saw a helicopter and started waving at it. These to me are typical boy things. So, one of the strange things that gets him tickled is finding Exit signs in stores. If you've ever really noticed them (like I have recently) they are either red or sometimes even green! Weird!? Definitely. The last day we were in Pensacola, I met my friend at her daughter's school for a carnival. We went into the cafeteria to cool off and Evan got all excited. I look over to see where he's looking and notice balloons. He starts running towards them but then takes a quick left and points up to the Exit sign. We found 5 there in the cafeteria that day.

The other day I took him into Books-A-Million to run around the kid section and play with the train table there. Did he do that? Nope. He ran around pointing at Exit signs! The book store is huge so there are several signs in there. He found 7 and even those had a front and back! Crazy!
I'm not saying he's weird, just interesting. So now, any store we go into, he points to Exit signs.
I wish I could get inside his head. What is going on in there?