Friday, May 13, 2011

Pensacola Trip

Evan and I went to Pensacola for a nice long visit. The weather was unusually nice down there. Evan really love pushing the button to open the garage doors. He would go every morning with my mom to get the newspaper just so he could push the button. We spent a lot of time in the garage as strange as that sounds. He climbed on my dad's mower constantly. He has an obsession with mowers! He got in the pool and played with Aunt Gulya. We took him to the park one day. That was fun for awhile. All Evan wanted to do was swing. Over and over I pushed him. Finally I told it was time to go so we got in the car and left. A few minutes later he puked all over himself! I guess he had too much swinging and it made him sick. We won't do that again!! Other than that, we had a great time!!