Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy Preparing for Baby

I have gotten so behind in my blogging! I have some Halloween pictures and a couple pictures of the baby's room. My mom was here for a month helping me get lots of things done around here before munchkin comes. I haven't taken any pictures of Evan's room yet but we hung a wallpaper boarder of trucks in there and organized his toys with some under the window shelves. It came out great! In the baby's room we painted a 12 inch stripe around the room and hung up turtles all around. I am very pleased with how everything came together. We also did several loads of laundry so the baby will have nice clean clothes. Lots of neutral things and some of Evan's clothes in case it's a boy.

I've had a pretty good start on Christmas shopping and feeling like I should be finished soon. I'm keeping it simple and I want it done ASAP so I don't have to worry about it come December. Obviously Santa is bringing some things as well.  ;)

I am 35 weeks now and I am ready....at least physically. Starting to feel uncomfortable and my energy is definitely low. It doesn't help having a high energy 3 year old but he's been great. I got Evan a baby doll. He was very excited about it and he sleeps with it and carries it around. I've asked him the name of the baby and he says basketball. Go figure. We talk about being gentle with the baby and that babies cry and they drink milk etc. I think he's going to be a great big brother but I'm sure he'll have his moments. It will definitely be exciting around here in a few weeks.

I went to a website and set up a baby guessing game so our friends and family can make their prediction. It's silly but should be fun too. Check it out!

Type in EmeryBaby2 where it says Invited Guests.

Here some recent pictures that I have.

Eric and I went to a Halloween party and I found the idea for our costumes online. I didn't have many options and I thought this was perfect for my big belly. The costumes were a big hit! Everyone loved them!

Our little pirate. He had so much fun this year. 
He finally understood what Halloween was about. 
He was such a cute pirate!

Baby's room.