Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More House Work

Eric and I have been working on the house a lot lately. We got more of the kitchen done and painted the dining room. I only have a little bit left of the Wonka paper and the walls will finally be normal again. The electrician is there today getting our lighting wired so we can have pretty lights in the kitchen. We are waiting for cabinets and we picked out our countertops over the weekend. Everything is starting to come together even though we still have a lot left. I am still trying to pick out paint colors for the living room and kitchen. I can't decide.
I have some current pictures of the house and will have more soon. The picture of the nest has only one egg in it but I checked this morning and we have three eggs! Also, over the weekend, we had a visit from a hummingbird so I'm gonna get a feeder so we can enjoy them flying around. We love being over there and sitting on our front porch. The weather here has been very nice. I can't wait to move in!