Sunday, May 13, 2007

More Work on the House

Eric finished tearing up the floor in the master bedroom. There was a small place near the door that had wood floor and now it's gone. It just wouldn't match the new floor that's going in this week. Here he is hard at work. He's done an excellent job getting the house ready for the work that will soon be done. Plus, he saved us money by him doing the demo work. He's great! This week I hope to prime the dining room and get that ready for paint. I'm still stripping the endless wallpaper but it should be a little easier since we moved the fridge and the stove out. That was a royal pain in the butt. We had to take the doors off the fridge just to get out of the house and the 1950s stove must have weighed a million pounds. I helped as much as I could but Eric did most of the work. I'm glad that's done with. A few steps closer!