Monday, June 11, 2007

No Cabinets Today

Well, it looks like the cabinets will be coming in later this week. Eric and I worked on the kitchen all weekend trying to get ready for the cabinet people. It's unfortunate that the cabinets aren't coming today but the kitchen looks great. I was able to paint the walls so that once the cabinets go up, I don't have to paint around them. It's hard to visualize but I think the color we picked out will really look nice against the cabinets and the dark appliances. Right now, there's still primer on the walls where I didn't feel it necessary to paint and unfished walls that were taken apart when the electrician came. I know it will look awesome very soon. I'm so excited!
We also got the patio furniture set up yesterday. It looks really nice and it's comfortable. It makes the house feel more like home. Right now I think we're aiming for moving in around the beginning on July. We may not have countertops by then but at least we can start the moving process. I'm just ready to get some stuff over there!

The color that we picked for the kitchen is called Rejuvenate. It looks light in the picture but it's not really as light as it looks. It's nice. It's a good contrast with the cabinets.

Check out the slug I found in the backyard under a brick! We have a bunch of bricks in the yard that were used to fill in a gap under the old fence. I was trying to move some of them so that the dogs could run around better and there he was. What a wierd creature!
(I found out that it's a Leopard Slug.)