Friday, June 8, 2007

Still Working

We're still doing things on the house but nothing has changed much. Actually, Eric is doing work. The only thing I have left is a little bit of wallpaper over the window in the kitchen. Other than that, Eric is mudding the walls to get them ready for the cabinets. We will be getting the cabinets on Monday and on Wednesday, the countertop people come out to take measurements. I can't wait! We did get our patio furniture yesterday. Hopefully this weekend we can get that set up and have a comfortable place to sit.
Riverbend is going on here in Chattanooga this week (6/8-6/16). It's supposed to be a big event that Chattanooga puts on every year. There's gonna be a lot of live music, food and drink. We are looking forward to going. We each have a pin that we bought that will let us in everyday and night. It should be a great time. Here's the link for more info on Riverbend.