Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's not a Flea!

Eric has been referring to the baby as a flea and he says that a deer tick would kill it because it's so small. He is so weird! Also, whenever I talk about the cradle that my mom and dad are going to bring up, he says that we don't need a cradle, just a big moving box with the peanuts inside. The same goes for a carseat. He thinks that a box would do the trick and that we could put the baby down by our feet so it's protected. He'll probably finding himself in a moving box! Crazy man!

I have decided that if we want to have another one, he can carry it! Let him have the morning sickness. I think it's only fair. I keep offering to just switch places. I would gladly be the one cattering to his needs while he feels sick. However, he's actually been very helpful. He's constantly getting me food and making sure that the kitchen is stocked with snacks. I really can't complain even if he has strange ideas for the baby. I know he's just kidding.