Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home FROM the Holidays

We had a really great time visiting family up in NH. Everyone was excited to see Evan and we were happy to be up there spending Christmas with everyone. Evan had a wonderful first Christmas. He got all kinds of toys and clothes (since he's growing like a weed)! NH got alot of snow the week before we got there and it snowed again on New Year's Eve so I was very happy that Evan got to see snow for the first time even though he won't remember it. It was definitely cold up there. On New Year's Eve, we went to visit Ryan, Sue & baby Keele in Kittery, Maine. There was another couple there that we know and they have a 20 month old son. Once the kids were in bed we all went outside to enjoy the fire that the guys made but it was so cold and windy that it was hard to stay warm. It was 6 degrees and I don't even know what the wind chill was!!!! I do know that we were drinking some fun beverages and Eric's drink actually froze! We still had a great time. We all stayed up until midnight but we complained about how late it was and that midnight seemed like it would never arrive. Life changes alot once you have little munchkin and staying up late is very hard to do. It was great to see everyone. I got a bunch of pictues!

BTW...I forgot to mention that Evan laughed out loud for the first time on December 20! We were so happy! He has been giggling off and on ever since. He's a whole new baby and seemed to happen overnight. He is cutter than ever and he makes us laugh. He so much fun!!!!

Cousin Tiana, Aunt Tia & Evan
Xmas Day



Driving to Maine

Ryan, Eric & Pete with their baby monitors

Ryan, Sue & Renee