Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Fun Pics

My parents were here this past weekend to visit with Evan. He sure has changed so much just in the last couple months. He's more vocal, he giggles more and makes everyone laugh with his fake cough (which I haven't recorded yet). He has also been shaking his head no. I'm not sure if he understands what he's doing or if it's just something he can do. Sometimes if he's fussy I'll try to give him a bottle or a pacifier and if he doesn't want it, he shakes his head no. Maybe he thinks that if he moves his head I can't stick anything in his mouth. I don't know. Also, every once in awhile if I shake my head yes he'll shake his no. It's pretty funny! He is a silly baby!

In two of the pictures, Evan is eating carrots. Somehow he managed to get them all over his face and in his hair! He looked like an umpa lumpa! He definitely got a bath later that night! That was a funny and messy experience !