Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yucky Food!

For Evan's breakfast this morning, I mixed up some oatmeal, apple juice and banana with mixed berries. He has had this before and ate it with no problem. Today he wanted nothing to do with it. At first I thought that maybe his belly was bothering him or he didn't have much of an appetite since he's teething. He just didn't want to eat. So, when lunch time rolled around, I gave him some sweet potatoes and he ate it all up. I tried to give him some more mixed berry and he let me know that he didn't want it. I guess he doesn't like it. He's not much of breakfast person anyway. He prefers the veggies and meats. I don't blame him. Oatmeal can get boring after awhile (which is why I try to spice it up a bit). I may try them again tomorrow just to make sure he really doesn't like the mixed berry. This was the first time he actually didn't like something. It was pretty funny!