Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just a Swinging

I found a nice park here in Chattanooga that has baby swings. My mom and packed up Evan and we were there for a little over an hour. He got to swing for the first time! He wasn't too excited about it but I got some video of him swinging. After that he had lunch in the park at a one of the picnic tables. It was a beautiful day! As we were leaving, we saw a little creek with huge rocks where kids were playing. I'll have to take Evan back when it gets warmer and let him get in the water. I know he'll enjoy that!


Mimi B said...

He has a concerned look, like "How did I get in this thing and how do I get out?" :)

Reba said...

It's been my experience that "creeks" are never warm. I think because the water is usually always running. But I wanna come down and play with him. And pinch those cheeks!!