Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Camera

I got a new camera last weekend and I was definitely in need of one. The camera I had been using just wasn't focusing fast enough and it was 5 years old. I needed something that could keep up with Evan and focus when I needed it to. So, I have been playing with the camera and taking a bunch of pictures. I went through and picked out a few of Evan that came out pretty good. Most of them are from his Little Gym class. It was called the Bug class (4-10 months). Now he has finished that class and will move on to Birds (which is 10-19months). That should be very interesting. The other pictures are just random. Evan was my subject while I learned how to use my new camera. I love my new Sony!

Me & my friend Abby

Look at me!

I love the bath!

Daddy always makes me laugh!

I am trying to stand up!

Me at the park.

Check out my new shoes!