Friday, May 14, 2010

Evan's trying to Talk

Back in March, Evan started saying bone and ball. He now says mower (his new obsession) and of course tries to say exit. Exit sounds like uh-gun and he shouts that over and over in the stores. Never tries to say mommy but can sign it. He can say da for daddy. He is still signing. He has learned to sign sleepy, bike, cat and car. He has been trying to sign a couple colors and when I sing and sign the alphabet song, he moves his fingers like he's signing the letters. I am teaching the sign for wait, shoes and play. It shouldn't take long for him to pick it up. Signing definitely comes easier to him than talking (obviously).

He's such a curious little guy. Loves to turn on the lights or watch someone else do it. He has found the smoke alarms in the house and poin
ts to them often. (another weird Evan thing) He loves the goat from Baby Einstein and enjoys rolling balls all over the house.

I recently bought him some new sippy cups that have straws in them. They are for 2 year olds. I still can't believe he's almost 2! He's not too fond of the straw idea but he'll figure it out. This is the easiest way to teach him to use a straw.

Evan loves to be outside and we got a bike trailer for him to sit in while Eric totes him on his bike. He really enjoys the bike rides. There's no way I'll tote him. He's a tank!
He's getting bigger everyday and learning new things. He's a busy little guy and is always on the go. I don't think he will slow down anytime soon. The big two is right around the corner. Time definitely flies! We are enjoying watching him change but sometimes seeing his strong personality develop isn't so exciting. He is very strong-willed and we are now dealing with some terrible two issues. It's definitely interesting around here. Nothing boring about taking care of a toddler. However, I can't complain about him sleeping. He is a really good sleeper. Especially since we converted his crib. He doesn't try to get out and doesn't really fuss about going to bed. He is a really good boy and we are very proud of him! The next big task will be potty training! Oh boy! That should be fun!