Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Pukey Experience at Dinner

Last night, Eric, Evan and I went to Amigos Mexican restaurant. We normally just get it to go but we decided to eat there for a change. Evan has had mexican food before and really likes it. I ordered him a cheese quesadilla and he had some chips and some fries. He gagged at one point and puked a little but he kept eating. After another bite of quesadilla, he gagged again and everything he had eaten came up. He puked all over! He was covered, the floor and his high chair was covered in puke. Eric and I were shocked as we tried to clean him up the best we could before getting out of there. I think the texture of the quesadilla triggered his gag reflex which caused him to then barf up everything. That was our first experience with that much vomit. I just wish it hadn't been out in public. On the other hand, we didn't have to clean it up! I never thought someone so small could puke that much! Yuck!!