Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Movements

Last night, right before bed, I was hungry and decided to have a light snack so I chose a yogart. I got ready for bed and got comfy while I ate my yogart. As soon as I was done eating, the baby got really active. I called Eric over and as soon as he put his hand on my belly he felt a kick. It was crazy how active the baby was. Later, he put his hand on my belly again and he was able to feel several pokes. I told him that it was the funniest thing to see it poke. We watched and sure enough he was able to see it. He said that was really weird. I'm just glad that he's able to feel more of the movements now. I think Eric was starting to think that the baby didn't like him since he could never feel anything before.
I've been playing lullaby music for the baby when I'm sitting at my computer and I have noticed that the baby calms down during that time. I think it likes the soothing music. Of course, when the music's over, the baby eventually goes back to it's wild movements. I try to put music on often. Maybe I should try something a little more upbeat and see how it reacts. That could be interesting.