Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Saw the Baby!

It was the neatest thing to be able to see the baby moving around inside of me. We saw it's little feet, fingers, arms and face. We were able to get a DVD of all the movement as well as some regular pictures. Everything looks good and normal and the baby weighs about 1 pound. At one time, we were told the baby weighs the same as if it were at 22 weeks and that maybe the due date will be moved up. After seeing the doctor, we were told that the due date is right but that we could have a big baby. I hope it doesn't get too big too fast. Hopefully the baby's weight will level off at some point before it puts on more weight in the end. If we do have a big baby, I'll just blame Eric since he was a big baby. (HAHA!) Here are a few pictures of the little munchkin.


Baby's Arm

Baby's Foot

Front View