Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Bedroom

Aside from trying to get the baby's room ready, I have been busy getting the rest of our house organized and decorated. There are still some things I want to get done with our bedroom so it will be more complete. However, I recently got a new headboard and footboard for the bed and it has made an amazing difference. I still have some wall decorating to do before I can say that room is finished but I'm feeling good about how our bedroom has turned out.
I have also been rearranging, organizing and getting stuff ready for donating. I have been really busy with that kind of stuff while Eric did some work on the deck all weekend. We have a long list of things that need to get done before the baby arrives and it never seems to end. At least we still have time and I don't feel rushed yet.

So, here are some pictures of our bedroom. I'm still in the process of adding some wall decor.


Lori M said...

Hi Becky and Eric - WOW! I can't believe everything you've been up to these days. Seems like you are getting settled in so nicely up there and getting ready to start your own family and everything. How exciting! I watched your sonogram movie and I can't believe it...and your baby's already cute :) I think your home is beautiful, and I'm so happy for your good news. You guys make such a nice couple together. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and sharing your happiness with me. You're in my thoughts, too. I wish you all the best, and a very happy, healthy "li'l munchkin". Keep enjoying life - it's great to see you so happy. :) Love ya! - Lori