Friday, July 11, 2008


The poor baby has been getting the hiccups these days. So far today it has had them 3 times. I don't think the baby likes them too much being that it moves around alot like it's uncomfortable. It's a funny feeling and can sometimes be annoying if it goes on too long. Pretty funny though. Eric hasn't felt them yet. He's normally not around when it happens. I hope that he will be able to feel them soon just because it's so weird. Some of the movements have gotten stronger. Mainly because there's not much room for the baby. It's kicks have gotten stronger too. Sometimes I just lie down and watch my belly move. It's still gets me giggling.

Only 5 more weeks to go. I went out today to get a few things that I needed. There are so many cute things out there and I can't wait to buy girl or boy things. It will be here soon enough. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress. Right now I've got to go rest my sore feet.