Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Trip


We had a great time in the Dominican. Beautiful weather, good food and good company. We basically floated in the ocean and relaxed near or in the pool. There was a bar in the middle of the pool that you could swim up to and sit on stools (in the pool) and order drinks. Pretty neat!

On Tuesday, Eric and I woke up to a mouse in our room. I swear he started out in our bed because I felt some weird movement in one of the pillows. However, I saw him under the bed and that's when the hunt began. I was freaked out! We tried to chase him out but he was too quick and he ran under the couch never to be seen again. Eric called him Shifty. I'm not sure why but it was a funny name so whenever we heard something strange we would say "Shifty's back." Not exactly the best part of our trip.

We had a little bit of rain from the storm Olga but nothing serious. We were still able to enjoy the day.

On Wednesday, we all went into La Romona and shopped at a few markets and had lunch. It was definitely interesting to see how people lived and it was a little scary driving around town. There were motor scooters all over and people going where they wanted. The horn was used quite a bit by our driver. That's how you get people out of your way or you just go when you want. Honk! Honk! I sat in the front seat and I kept trying to use the break that I kept looking for. No luck of course. After driving around, we were taken to another part of the town that was more secluded. It was really pretty. We walked around there, took some pictures and then headed back to the resort.

The rest of the trip was pretty much more floating and relaxing. The guys played soccer a few times and also played water polo. Sue and I did water aerobics one morning but that was the end of our activity.

Over all, it was an awesome time especially doing nothing. We would definitely do it again. Here are some pics from the trip.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Dominican Here We Come!


Well, early tomorrow morning, we leave for the Dominican. We are really excited and looking forward to doing nothing but maybe having a fruity, umbrella drink every now and then. It's gonna be a fun trip. We'll be gone for a week and I will bring back bunches of pictures. Ta Ta for now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kitty Bed


I bought Abbey a kitty bed hoping she would use it. At first, she turned her nose up at it like all cats would do. And then, when nobody was looking, she got into it and I think she likes it. She doesn't get in it all the time but she has been it a few times. One night I caught her in it and got a picture of her enjoying her new bed.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Silly Story


Last night, Eric and I went over to the mall here in Noogan Town. As we got off the interstate and turned onto a busy street that surrounds the mall, there was a car dead in the middle of the road. Not an ideal spot to be stuck. We went around the car and turned around to see if they needed any help. Eric pulls up behind them and turns on his hazards. He gets out, walks up to the car and the driver opens the door. Eric asks, "Hey man, do you need a push?" Only the driver was not a man. It was a woman that had similar features of a man (and a mullet). Another car stops and a man and his son get out and all three push the car into a parking lot. Eric was glad to help and to have two other people push the car. It's not easy to push a car in general but to push it up a small hill while the driver has the BRAKES ON makes it a little more difficult. Eric gets into the truck and we drive off and that's when he tells me what he first said to the driver. He felt so bad that he said "hey man" to a woman. I told him not worry about it. I'm sure it happens often up here.
Later that night, he would randomly say "hey man, do you need a push?" and we both just laughed.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Delayed Honeymoon


After our wedding, we went to St. Augustine to recover from everything and never went on a real honeymoon get away. So, Eric and I are going to the Dominican Republic from 12/8 to 12/15. We are really excited about it. Our friends Ryan and Sue (they just recently got married) are going as well and we are meeting them in Miami and then flying over together. It should be a fun and relaxing trip. The resort we're staying at is the Oasis Conoa La Romana and it has everything we need to have a good time. We can't wait!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



I got my wreaths on the house. I think they look great! Super easy and it adds just enough without being cheesy.

My X-mas Decor


Yesterday, I put up our tree and other Christmas decor. The tree is a blue and silver (winter) tree and I like it! It took awhile to put it up but it was worth it in the end. I also did some decorating on the fireplace by putting some garland and lights on the mantle and hanging a few stockings. I am really proud of my vase that I put together and it's on the mantle as well. I saw on HGTV a vase filled with ornaments and created a similar look. I took some left over silver and blue ornaments and added some pine cones. It turned out nice. I did a few other things too. I put a table X-mas tree in the kitchen and put up some holiday plates. The dining room I kept simple by changing out the centerpiece and using a holiday runner. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. Today I'm planning on decorating some wreaths for outside and getting them up.
Oh, BTW, we got our new set of gas logs for the fireplace yesterday. I love it! It's so relaxing. When it starts to get really cold, I don't think I'll leave the living room. It's my new favorite place! :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Crazy Dogs


Last night, Eric and I were walking the dogs in our neighborhood. We came to a house that had some Christmas decor in the front yard. Both dogs became quickly interested and as we got closer for them to investigate, Sadie started to bark and then Tucker went crazy and barked. Eric and I thought is was the funniest thing to see two dogs bark at wooden deer. Tucker actually went up and smelled the hiney of one of the deer. Sadie went up and smelled it but was still a bit unsure. It was hilarious!
Here is a picture of the deer I'm talking about.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Red Coat


I was out shopping about 2 weeks ago at a consignment shop here in Chattanooga. I never would have found this place if I hadn't gone with my mother-in-law who shops consignement all the time. I have found that I would rather shop consignment than other retail stores. They have great name brand clothes for great prices.
Anyway. This one that I go to about once a month (Encore) has really nice clothes and sometimes I find something that I have to have. Well, this one time I go in there and I find a couple of nice sweaters and right before I check out, I look in the coat section to see if there's anything cute. I come across a red wool coat that reminded me of my grandma. I couldn't believe it! It's a short red coat but it is the same color. I had to have it!!! It was just one of those things. I would have regretted walking out there without it. I was so excited!
So, here's a picture of MY red coat and the coat that inspired me to get it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Check it Out!


I have a small collection of turtles because I love turtles. Anyway. I had two turtles on my back porch and Sadie thought it would be fun to play with one of them. She knocked it off the porch and it broke open. I never really payed much attention to it and I also never threw it away. So, it's been broken on the ground for a few weeks. On Saturday, Sadie discovered the broken turtle again and must have tossed it around the backyard. Eric went to pick it up and noticed some figure inside of it. It looks like someone made it apart of the turtle. It's really strange and we would have never noticed it if it hadn't been smashed open (obviously). It would be neat if it were worth something but I think it's just crap. It's a figure of an older man with a pipe in his mouth, something in his left hand and I think some kind of animal in his right. It's really bizarre!

Finished House Pics


I realized that I never put any pictures up of the finished kitchen, living room and dining room so here are a few.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Doggy Bed


We had a doggy bed in our bedroom for Tucker to lay on and we had another on our back porch for the dogs to use. Eric and I were out on the back porch and decided to bring this bed out so they would have two. I guess Sadie thought it would fun to run around the yard with it and then when she was done running, destroyed it. It was completely shredded. I wish I had thought to get a picture while it was all over the yard but I was too shocked. This was after we picked up the remains. Crazy dog!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Costume


Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I dressed up for Halloween. The easiest thing to do was to be a witch so we both got witch stuff and painted our face so we could pass out candy to the trick or treaters. We had snacks and drinks on the front porch as we waited for the kids. It was a great Halloween and the weather was perfect. Here are a few pics of us being silly, crazy witches.

I'm melting, MELTING!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Green Iguana 10/24