Sunday, May 31, 2009



Evan has been pulling himself up on furniture and in his crib. It was quite a slow process for him to get up and now he stands up pretty quick. He likes standing in his crib and he actually is pretty good at sitting down from a standing position. It's not really graceful but he doesn't just fall down. Sometimes he does fall but rushes to get back up again. Tonight he was standing at the coffee table and let go and just stood there! I couldn't believe it! He did that twice and Eric got to see him standing. I didn't get a picture since I was preparing myself to catch him when he fell but I did get a picture right before it happened. Here it is!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Camera


I got a new camera last weekend and I was definitely in need of one. The camera I had been using just wasn't focusing fast enough and it was 5 years old. I needed something that could keep up with Evan and focus when I needed it to. So, I have been playing with the camera and taking a bunch of pictures. I went through and picked out a few of Evan that came out pretty good. Most of them are from his Little Gym class. It was called the Bug class (4-10 months). Now he has finished that class and will move on to Birds (which is 10-19months). That should be very interesting. The other pictures are just random. Evan was my subject while I learned how to use my new camera. I love my new Sony!

Me & my friend Abby

Look at me!

I love the bath!

Daddy always makes me laugh!

I am trying to stand up!

Me at the park.

Check out my new shoes!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walking Wings


Here is a short video of Evan walking with the help of me and his wings.

Just a Swinging


I found a nice park here in Chattanooga that has baby swings. My mom and packed up Evan and we were there for a little over an hour. He got to swing for the first time! He wasn't too excited about it but I got some video of him swinging. After that he had lunch in the park at a one of the picnic tables. It was a beautiful day! As we were leaving, we saw a little creek with huge rocks where kids were playing. I'll have to take Evan back when it gets warmer and let him get in the water. I know he'll enjoy that!

Monday, May 18, 2009

9 Month Check-up


Evan went to the doctor this morning. The doctor said that he looks good and he is right on track as far as growth goes. Evan is 22.06 lbs. and 29 1/4 in. long. His head is starting to level out so his noggin size isn't off the charts anymore. I also asked about Evan's eye color since they are still blue and the Dr. told me that his eyes will stay blue and that there was a 25% chance of him having blue eyes and a 75% chance of having brown eyes. It is crazy to think that we have a baby with blue eyes.
Evan also had to have his hemoglobin checked. I was worried about that because I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant. It was a little finger prick and he didn't shed one tear! I couldn't believe it! He was just mad that the guy had his finger and wouldn't let go. What a tough little guy!
We can give Evan anything to eat and the Dr. meant ANYTHING (except honey and nuts). That is nice to hear. When he is 11 months old we can start him on real milk. I can't wait!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Swimming Pics


These are pictures from yesterday. Evan loves the pool!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Orange Koozie


Here are a few pics I took last week. The orange thing he is playing with is a koozie and one of the other pictures is of Evan being introduced to the giant caterpillar he has in his room. He loved it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009



Today was the first time Evan went in the pool! He wasn't too happy about it at first but then he seemed to enjoy himself. His other friends Page and Abby were there too. They played together and enjoyed the relaxing swim. Evan went under water and did very well with it. It definitely startled him a bit but he never cried. He's such a big boy. Here are a few pics and some short video clips.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Evan in his walker


Evan Laughing


Here is a clip of Evan laughing while I kick the laundry basket into the kitchen door. He's so silly! Also, there's a picture of Evan in his walker enjoying some snacks. He loves his walker!